Dear me from the past,

(A response to a letter from myself in 2008)

I haven’t gotten my drivers license yet, not the full one anyways. Its okay, you’ll realize soon enough how dumb cars are. Dad’s now really trying to get me to drive though, so there’s that. How the tables have turned.

Thankfully, I have almost no recollection now of sleeping on that board covered with thick carpet. I haven’t slept on anything similar since I visited our maternal grandma in 2014, and realized that there was not a single gotdam mattress in our entire hometown. Even calling it “almost a mattress” is too generous for how awful it was. It also isn’t actually good for your back, no matter what dad claims, because you’re a side sleeper.

In the last 10 years, I have realized that being a vet is too hard, and I unfortunately still don’t have a dog. I’m working on it. Goldens are nice, but I’m thinking of picking up a rescue and not shelling out the absurd amount of money for a purebred. I am in university though, so that’s cool.

Henry’s good. He’s not so dumb now, but he’s picked up the recorder again and I know that you’re doing it at school right now so that seems kind of good, but it’s not. It’s awful. Recorders are awful. He’s also older now than you are at the time that you wrote this.

Harvard’s overrated. I’m not bitter

Maybe you should consider doing more writing and less reading, because I’ve been squinting at this letter for 5 minutes now and I still don’t know exactly what you did with author Loris Loreski. Actually, I take that back. Reading is your first love but it will eventually fade – so slowly at first that you won’t realize it. Revel in your love, and cherish it, as long as you can.

Fei and Stephanie are with me still in University, and we are still very good friends. But I think you already know that you’re going to leave the church soon. I think you already know what that means.

No offense, kiddo, but if time travel has been invented, that would not be at the top of my to-do list. Haha who am I kidding of course it would be. Assuming that the time police didn’t make it illegal!

Nice, mom and dad made it to page 2. They’re good. You’ll slowly realize that they’re also still in the process of growing, like you. It will make your relationship with them sweeter. Try to keep up on your mandarin, okay?

You got into gifted. You made your best friendships there.

The world is still screwed, and I am still on it, but I promise you that one day, you will go to the moon. Unfortunately, we still have not harnessed the 4th and 5th spatial dimensions yet, though.

I haven’t written in my journal in a long time. Thanks for reminding me that it exists.

Carribean blue is nice, but I’ve discovered that forest green is nicer. Ernest should still be standing. No one you know is famous, unfortunately. But give it time.

New York City was a blast all the times I went! I’ll get my butt to Europe eventually.

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