5 weeks of tracking my life

One thing that I kept seeing in the past few months is write-ups and updates by people attempting to track their lives in some way. All of the things that they did seem too time- and bandwidth-consuming for me to do long-term, but they would work as cool week-long projects. So over the first two months of the school year (so starting September 1st), that’s what I’m going to do! If I gain a lot of insight from this project, I might turn this into like, some sort of annual tradition.

I’m going to give myself a one-week break between each project to reduce burn-out, and I’m going to cajole some friends into doing this with me so that I have extra motivation to see this through to the end. Here’s what the schedule’s going to be:

Week 1: Food diary – keep a log of everything I eat

Week 3: Time/Productivity tracking – keep a log of what I did every half hour

Week 5: Screenshot every 5 minutes – ideally across phone, laptop, and desktop*

Week 7: Money diary – keep a log of every time I spend money

Week 9: Actual diary – write a daily diary entry

Expect write-ups at… some interval during this experiment. I’m optimizing for completing this project, not creating blog content, so if that means no weekly update, no weekly update it is. Let’s see how it goes!

*this one is fairly passive after I get it going, so I might continue long-term. Yay, digital hoarding!

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